15:51 actual
UN questions Turkey on the Armenian genocide
15:51 actual
Prosecutor asks for 15 years in prison for Journalist Canozer
15:50 actual
Evacuation imposed on the villages in Tigris Valley
13:19 actual
The border is surrounded by ‘security dams’
12:58 actual
UN Special Rapporteur: Turkey's problem with press freedom
12:55 actual
The health condition of Kemal Özelmalı is getting worse day by day
12:55 actual
Artists took stage for Hasankeyf: We must do our best
10:46 actual
Armored vehicle hit in Cizre
10:45 actual
Aksakoğlu released from prison: Justice needs to come to this country
13:26 actual
Provided logistics to ISIS with the company he established in Ankara, now in the hands of QSD
12:42 actual
Attorneys of Öcalan made an application to go to İmralı
10:31 actual
Sick prisoner Yılmaz not released because he joined the hunger strikes
10:09 actual
Historic Hasankeyf cave flooded with concrete
10:08 actual
Cizre victim Aslan’s body identified after 40 months
10:08 actual
KESK: Istanbul election has shaken the one-man regime
10:07 actual
Kubilay: Its time for Turkey to go back to peaceful policies
10:07 actual
Prosecutor's Office requested the documents of the torture: They might be shelved
16:19 actual
Kavala on Gezi trial: Hundreds of thousands protested peacefully
16:19 actual
Bachelet on ISIS prisoners: States must assume responsibility
12:30 actual
Statement from YSK President Güven
12:07 actual
Temelli: The Kurdish people and the HDP best understood Öcalan
12:05 actual
First hearing of Gezi Resistance Trial opens today
12:03 actual
Buldan: Kurds are the winner in today’s election
11:59 actual
CHP’s Imamoğlu: The outcome not a "victory" but a "new beginning"
09:43 actual
Provincial Election Board announced the results of Istanbul
19:36 actual
Binali Yıldırım throws in the towel congratulates İmamoğlu
19:16 actual
55 percent of the ballot boxes are open: Vote difference is 11 percent
17:39 actual
Voting process ended in renewed Istanbul elections
16:35 actual
YSK decided to deem the parliamentary election sealed envelopes valid
16:05 actual
Violations in İstanbul elections
15:30 actual
HDP Co-chairs cast their votes in Istanbul election
14:25 actual
YSK will gather for the seal
13:08 actual
Decision regarding the 'Parliamentary Election' seal from the County Election Board
11:45 editor's pick
Istanbul Governorship: Law enforcement officials to vote in the ballot box where they are registered
10:05 actual
The court dismissed the grounds of the trustee of the Ministry: Ahmet Turk acted in accordance with the law
10:05 actual
Voting process started in renewed Istanbul elections
15:21 actual
Temelli: Our approach to June 23 will be the same with March 31
14:20 politics
HDP: HDP: Öcalan's statement coincides with the politics of the HDP no change necessarry in the election strategy
12:52 actual
Turkey among Europe's most flagrant offenders of media freedom
12:26 actual
Lawyers convey Öcalan’s message and details of the latest meeting
12:10 actual
'Don't do the Ilısu Dam, listen to your people!'
11:52 actual
Latest data from Eurasia: Participation in AKP decreases,vote gap is wider than expected
10:36 actual
TGS President Durmuş: There are extra pressures on Kurdish journalists
09:35 actual
They are being sent back to İdlib from removal centers
15:22 actual
Operation against People's Law Office: 7 detained
15:22 actual
5 arrests and a confidentiality order for Siverek massacre
13:45 actual
Genç: The Kurds will claim the usurped will in İstanbul
13:43 actual
ETHA News Agency journalists freed with a travel ban
11:55 actual
Father of Yıldırım brothers: The offenders were rewarded
11:46 actual
Call to join the “big dip” for Hasankeyf on 14 July