10:34 actual
Gezi statement from 12 Bar Associations
10:33 actual
Human chain from women to protest femicide
10:06 actual
8 thousand years of history under mine threat
09:36 actual
Manager appointed by trustee not arrested despite 11 year prison sentence
09:35 actual
Iraqi female activist shot dead during protests in Basra
09:34 actual
1,500 jihadist families settled in Serekaniye
09:34 actual
The proposal including extension of authority for watchmen in parliament
15:22 actual
Lock out decision from Employer's Union
14:55 actual
Resul Eken who was tortured in police raid, detained
13:46 actual
ISIS is still a global threat
11:48 actual
Families of the Group Yorum members: Hear our children!
11:00 actual
Defendant of Kemal Kurkut case: Nothing done about denounced anti terror police
09:45 actual
Attorney of Devrim Ayık: These conditions are life threatening for him
08:36 actual
Journalist Hacı Yusuf Topaloğlu released
08:36 actual
HDP Applies to Court for Cancellation of Environmental Impact Report of Canal İstanbul
15:53 actual
12 HDP members detained in İzmir
14:03 actual
Perpetrator of armed attack against HDP arrested for ‘Disturbing Peace’
14:01 actual
Mercenaries Turkey sent to Libya are seeking refuge in Europe
14:00 actual
New application from Öcalan's lawyers
11:26 actual
Allegation that prison administration broke hands and feet of the prisoners
10:20 actual
Attorney Yılmaz: Rape can not be covered up with 'marriage'
09:23 actual
Kurdish Literature Association established
09:12 actual
The time given to the government in Iraq has expired, hundreds of thousands taken the streets
09:12 actual
7 detained in Urfa
09:11 actual
MSD calls Syrian people for liberation war
08:42 actual
Oxfam: 2,153 people hold more than poorest 4.6 billion combined
08:37 actual
Greenpeace Report: Blacklisted Pesticides Found in 77 of 90 Fruit, Vegetable Samples
14:16 actual
Verdict in Ceren Özdemir Murder Case: Aggravated Life Sentence
11:52 actual
Demirtaş spoke about the targeting of Kadir Inanir: Go ahead, things are changing
11:19 world
Women calls to go to Dersim as one
11:18 actual
Djemevi Attacked in İstanbul
10:05 actual
Hrant Dink commemorated by his grave
10:01 world
Libyan House of Representatives member: Berlin summit also fails
16:04 actual
Car bomb injures 11, including Turkish contractors in Somalia
13:37 actual
Law suit against Yeni Yaşam Newspaper's report on Peace Spring operation
12:22 actual
'Curfew decision proves the involvement and perpetration of the law enforcement'
11:56 actual
İmralı application of the families rejected
10:31 politics
Kîno Gabriyel: Reports delivered to Lavrov are unreal
10:05 actual
'He defended free press until his last breath'
09:33 politics
Rahşan Ecevit lost her life
09:32 politics
HDP ready for the 4th Ordinary Congress and 3rd Grand Conference
10:07 actual
German police break into Kurdish association in Duisburg
10:07 actual
Nurcan Bakır laid to rest in her village
16:21 actual
Demonstrations Banned in Dersim Amid Protests for Missing Woman
14:57 actual
Yazidi Exile Council appeals to UN, US and the EU to stop Turkey
14:56 actual
'National Unity Workshop' to be held in Diyarbakır
14:08 actual
Scandalous reasoning on Evrensel's press agency ad ban
12:37 actual
HDP Says Government Responsible for Attack on Its İstanbul Office
11:50 actual
Call to parliament: No amnesty for child abuse
10:32 actual
DFG Co-Chair Altan: We will increase solidarity among journalists