Mothers continuing their action in Ankara: Our hearts are on fire


ANKARA - Mothers who visited HDP Headquarters, addressed the whole world and the society, said: "Our hearts are on fire. Let there be no more deaths,hear our voices."

The action of the mothers coming all around Turkey to make the voice of their children on hunger strike heard, continues on its 6th day in People's Democratic Party (HDP) Headquarters. HDP and DBP district and provincial organizations visited the mothers wearing white muslins.
Mother Ayfer Bitmen whose sister is on hunger strike, said they are in Ankara for their relatives on hunger strikes and that they can make them visible only if everyone comes together holding each others hands. 
Mother Yesure Tufan, reminding that the hunger strikers are in critical condition, said: "We did not want our children to be on hunger strike either. Maybe we are too late trying to make them be heard. Let's make them be heard all together. If we were able to raise our voices earlier, as non governmental organizations and associations, they wouldn't be in critical condition today. I hope we are not too late."
Tufan who stated that other mothers are waiting for them back at their home towns, said: "We want to go back to Amed, Van, Batman with good news. We told the mothers back there we won't come back until we have good news. We want to keep our promises. Steps must be taken immediately. Before anyone else dies. It will be too late if we keep waiting."
Nezahat Teke who last take the floor, said: "We will not be able to win if we join forces. We will stay here and resist. We will not go back until we have good news. WHen someone comes to see us, we look them in the eyes, we look them in the heart. Are they smiling, or sad? If they are smiling, we undertsand that there is hope. Something will happen. It has been 4 days since the Minister of Justice made that statement.But the attorneys are still not able to go İmralı. If there is no ban, why can't they? 30 of our children are on a death fast. Every hour turns to months for us."
Mother Teke who addressed the conscience of the people, said: "Our hearts are on fire.  Let there be no more deaths,hear our voices.Meet the denabds of our children"
HDP Ankara Provincial Co-chair Hüseyin Gevher started his words commemorating the revolutionaries who lost their lives in scope of 17- 31 May the week of our loses. Gevher who stated that the isolation in İmralı is unnacceptable, said they are with the mothers in their actions for their children and they will do all that in their power to make the voices of the prisoners be heard.

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