ÖHD: The prisoners was not treated in an healthy environment


ISTANBUL - ÖHD Headquarters Executive Attorney Veysi Eski who pointed out that there were violations in the treatment of the prisoners on hunger strike in the Marmara Region, stated that social sensitivity is important in eliminating the violations

During the treatment of the prisoners who were on  hunger strike to break the isolation and terminated their actions with the call of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, there were many violations of rights. Unlawful practices such as handcuffed examination were imposed on the prisoners. According to the Association of Lawyers for Freedom (ÖHD) data, 751 prisoners went on hunger strike in 13 prisons in Marmara Region and 13 detainees went into death fast. A large part of the prisoners were not referred to hospitals, some of those who were referred to the hospitals, did not accept treatment because of the  conditions of treatment.
ÖHD Headquarters Executive Attorney Veysi Eski, drew attention to the violations of rights in Marmara Region after the hunger strikes.
Noting that the prisoners have problems in the hospitals Eski said: "They should have been treated in a sterile environment.Our clients do not prefer being referred to hospitals because of the prison vehicles and the hospital conditions. We are faced with such a handicap. Bakirkoy, Bandirma, Kandira F1 and Tekirdag prisons are the places where we have the most problems. As I said in some of these prisons, there are problems with doctors, some with administrations, some with treatment places. My clients Sebahat Tuncel and Selma Irmak were taken to hospital. They returned to the prison that night with their own will saying ‘We would be sicker being treated here rather than being treated in this environment' Both in terms of the number of beds and  in terms of hygiene, they could get sick staying there.Now, what makes people having to chose this,is the hospital environment. If a real treatment was to be made, they should be kept in a hospital."

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