Trustee protests in Diyarbakir: We will repel the attack with resistance

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  • 14:58 22 August 2019
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DİYARBAKIR - HDP MP Hisyar Ozsoy read a statement on the fourth day of protests against the usurpation of municipalities and said, 'We reject the invasion policies' while TİP MP Barış Atay said: 'We will repel the attack with resistance".
Protests in Diyarbakır continue on day four. A group of HDP members including MPs Musa Farisogulları, Hisyar Ozsoy, Dersim Dag, Remziye Tosun, Feleknas Uca and Dilsat Canbaz launched a sit-in across from the municipality building that is still surrounded by the police. Crowds gathered on the Lise avenue.
HDP members later gathered in front of the AZC Plaza in Ofis, Yenisehir for a press statement.
HDP Amed MP Hisyar Ozsoy protested the burning of a minibus in the Kayapinar district on Wednesday night. Ozsoy said they renounce the act: “It is not our politics to harm the people’s property. We are in the absolute right here. Trustees were appointed, we are on absolutely legitimate grounds. We are calling on the people of Diyarbakir: Let’s show our democratic protest. Let us stop such acts together.”
In the demonstration in front of the AZC Plaza, Workers’ Party Turkey (TIP) Deputy Chair and HDP Hatay MP Baris Atay gave a speech and stressed that TIP will continue the alliance with HDP in every area.
Atay said: “Our alliance will manifest as we stand shoulder to shoulder in the streets and in the parliament. We will not take a single step back. We must resist the government together, and push back this attack.” Atay called for solidarity.
Kurdistan Communist Party (KKP) Chairperson Sinan Ciftyurek asked, “Why is AKP voters’ will valid but Kurdish people’s will is like the bud of the onion?”
Ciftyurek said the trustee appointments are a political coup against the will of the people: “Let us come together against this injustice and unlawfulness. The will of the people is under attack. I am calling on Kurdish parties and the four parts of Kurdistan: Let us uphold our will.”
After the statements, the crowd started a sit-in.

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