The child who lost his twin at Til Rifat massacre: What do they want from us, we are just kids

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  • 11:59 14 December 2019
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TIL RIFAT - 9 year old Eli Kefo who lost his twin at the attacks against Til Rifat where 10 civillians 8 of whom were children were killed, survived the attack injured. The little child who does not understand the attack they were subjected to, said: "I don't know what they want from us? We are just kids."

A massacre was experienced in Til Rifat located in Şehba as a result of the attacks of Turkey and 'Syrian National Army' which have been attacking North and East Syria since October 9.
As a result of the bombing carried out against the district, 10 people, 8 of whom are children, aged between 3 and 15, lost their lives and 10 civilians, including children, were injured.
The massacre, in which the relatives and witnesses of those who lost their lives were targeted consciously, was condemned by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).
Some of the wounded survivors were children of families who had previously been forced to migrate from Efrin. One of them was Nuseybe Mekan Ebdo and his family. Death followed up on the family who had to migrate to Til Rifat.
Imad Ehmed Kefo (9), one of the children of the family, lost his life in the bombing and Eli Kefo, his twin, survived with his other brother.
Ebdo, stating that they were not left alone in Til Rifat they had to migrate to, said: "My sons came back from school that day, ate something and went out to play with their friends. We heard some sounds and when we got out bombs were raining down on our children. One of my son died. Two of them survived the bombing injured."
The grieving father said: "What does Erdoğan want from us? They took our city. That wasn't enough. The world has to see this. They massacred children!"
9 year old Eli Kefo who lost his twin at the attack, said: "We came back from school and ate something. We went out to play. Then they started bombing us. My twin İmdat died. My other brother was injured like me. I don't know what they want from us. We are just kids!" The little boy added that all he wants is to go back home to Efrin.
Muhammed Feqri Heso whose both sons were injured as a result of the attack said: "We could not get rid of the war planes and the bombs. One of my sons lost a leg. The other one has shrapnels in his leg. Why are they killing these children. Will the world remain silent and watch the children get killed? THe world has to see this. What did these children do that is so wrong that they are being bombed to death? All of our blood that is spilled is for Efrin. We are holding on with the belief that we will go back home to Efrin one day."
MA / Nazım Daştan

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