Adana Youth Assembly meets against the isolation in İmralı


ADANA - Attention will be drawn to the isolation in İmralı in the youth meeting to be held by HDP Adana Provincial Youth Assembly.

People's Democratic Party (HDP) Adana Provincial Youth Assembly invited all the youth to the Çukurova Youth Meeting to be held on May 19 in scope of organizatinal work. In the meeting held to draw attention to the isolation in İmralı, a call for solidarity will be made regarding the hunger strikes and the death fasts.
Provincial Youth Assembly Member Bayram Ektiren who pointed out that they are going through a rough period, said: " As the youth, we are trying to follow the path of our leaders, pioneers and the fact against all difficulties and we will."
Ektiren who stated that the youth will assume active role in the hunger strike actions and the death fasts, said: "There is a monumentally glorious resistance in the prisons today and youth is the key opponent to be the answer to that resistance. The youth bears tremendous responsibility. Another reason is the fact that our mothers are being battered and insulted by the police on a daily basis. The youth has to claim and raise the struggle of their mothers.That's the reason we are calling on to the youth that bears responsibility to raise our struggle and attend the democratic demonstrations of the HDP Youth Assembly."
Ektiren who stated that the meeting will be in Seyhan, Şirin Music Hall at 13.00 on May 19 Sunday, said they are expecting to see the youth from Adana, Mersin, Osmaniye, and Hatay. Ektiren who also stated that  Adana Deputies  Tülay Hatimoğulları will be attending to the meeting, repeated his call and said: "We are calling on to the youth to organize under the roof of HDP Youth Assembly against all anti- democratic practices."