Hunger striking Özgezer: We grew up with the culture of resistance

DİYARBAKIR - Bilal Özgezer who continues his hunger strike at his home after his release from prison, stating that they were born in a war environment and grew up with the culture of resistance.
While the hunger strikes of thousands of political prisoners continues against the isolation and the death fast of the 30, HDP member Bilal Özgezer continues his hunger strike he joined at March 3 at his home when he was released from prison on April 5.
Father of 5 children Bilal Özgezer is on hunger strike for 76 days, said the health problems hunger strike causes have been increasing. Özgezer who lost 12 kilos since he started the hunger strike, experiences joint pains, headaches, high blood pressure. Özgezer who stated that there is of course physical difficulties, said: "The resistance psychology overcomes it all." 
Özgezer who stated that they were born into a war environment and grew up with the culture of resistance. Özgezer who drew attention to the hunger strikes initiated by DTK Co-chair Leyla Güven, stated that the resistance grows day by day. Özgezer who stated that the sole purpose of this resistance is to secure peace, prosperity and freedom, said: "It had a reflection on the society , because our socity has this reflection and this reality in its essence."
Özgezer who spoke about the death fasts, said: "Öcalan has his rights as a human as every human being does. He is the leader of the people, and not only the Kurdish people but also the people of the Middle East. That has a universal dimension. He is the only leader to get the people  out of this crisis."