'Why is Koşuyolu Park shut down?'


DİYARBAKIR - HDP Deputy Semra Güzel asked the Minister of the Interior Süleyman Soylu to explain why Koşuyolu Park has been closed for 12 days with police barriers.

Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) Diyarbakir MP Semra Guzel asked the Parliament Presidency about the closure of the Bağlar District Koşuyolu Park with police barriers.
Güzel who reminded that the hunger strikes and the death fasts are still going on in prisons and outside, stated that one of the places the relatives of the prisoners to hold demonstrations is the Koşuyolu Park. Güzel said: "But since May 5, 2019, the security forces have evacuated the park from 12.00 am to one hour before the time of the action and no one is allowed inside. The park opens again in the evening. This application has been going on for 12 days. The relatives of the prisoners continue their actions on the exterior of the park at the opposite side. The closure of a park in the middle of the city causes the reaction of the citizens."
Asking Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu the reason for the blockade of Koşuyolu Park, Güzel asked the following questions to be answered: "What is the legal basis for the closure of Koşuyolu Park due to the fact that there is no restriction on the constitution for the places where civil action will take place?
Despite the fact that families are often allowed to sit on the edge of the Koşuyolu Park, what is the reason for them not being allowed in the park?"