Mothers in Gebze: Its all for our sons and daughters


KOCAELİ - Mothers who have been subjected to police intervention for 39 days in Gebze, continued their demonstration again, today. Mothers told the police trying to stop them, 'We are mothers, everything we do is for them'.

The sit in the mothers started to support their sons and daughters who are on hunger strike and death fast continued in front of the Gebze Prison today. 
The mothers who were accompanied by Lawyers for Freedom Association (ÖHD) and People's Democratic Party (HDP) was stopped by the police again.
When the discussion with the police did not come to a conclusion, the fact that the police who spoke Kurdish tried to speak to the mothers attracted attention. When the mothers told the police that they are there for their children and all they do is for them, the police responded:'I have a mother too'. One of the mothers responded to the police and said: "Then tell your mother to come here and resist with us so that we can end this war."
Mothers who stated that they will come back tomorrow, ended their demonstration and left.