Her son on hunger strike for 80 days, her husband in prison for 25 years: Who should rise up if not me?


DİYARBAKIR - Hasina Güler whose son is on hunger strike for 80 days and her husband is in prison for 25 years in attending the demonstrations in the Koşuyolu Park for 20 days. Mother Güler says, 'Under these circumstances, who should rise up if not me?'

Habib Güler who is in Kandıra No 2 Closed Prison, continues the hunger strike he started on March 1 for 80 days today.Güler who has been incarcerated for 16 years, was sentenced to life. Güler is in Kandıra Prison while his father Sıddık Güler (79) is in Diyarbakır Type D Prison for 25 years. He was sentenced to life as well.
Hasina Güler (75) who was forced to migration because their village was burned down in Bismil in 1994 is attending the demonstrations in the Koşuyolu Park. Mother Güler who stated that the isolation must be removed as soon as possible, said: "I last saw my son when he first started the hunger strike. I am old, I can't always go see my son bu tI can feel what he feels. My heart breaks with him. He gives me strength everytime we talk on the phone, and I resist for him in the park."
Mother Güler who stated that she had a very hard time raising her children while her husband in prison, said: "My husband was in prison. Our children was small. He had been through a lot. We came to Diyarbakır, no one rented their apartments to us. The government ordered us away when they burned down our village. They burned down our houses. We have been through a lot.."
Mother Güler who stated that she goes to Koşuyolu Park before having breakfast, said: "My son is marching towards death for his struggle. He has a strong will and I am very proud.The Turkish government doesn't take action and stalls us every time. One single visitation does not mean the isolation has ended. Both us and our children will resist until the isolation ends. Mothers are always out in the street screaming their heart out. Why? Because the hunger of their children tears their heart out. Who would like to go get beaten every day? We are mothers, we will do all that in our power for our children. Why do they attack us this much?"
Mother Güler who stated that her son have lost a lot of weight, said: "I asked him why he joined the hunger strike. He told me 'Mom, We have been through that much hardship, poverty. We shut our eyes to the isolation. Who should be in this resistance if not me?' So I told him, 'Son, you are right..We have been thorugh a lot, both you and your father are in prison, so who should rise up, if not me?' The authorities should hear the voice of the mothers, enough is enough!"
Oğlunun zayıfladığını belirten anne Güler, çocuğuyla telefon diyaloglarını şöyle aktardı: “İlkin ona sordum; açlık grevine neden girdin?  Bana, ‘Anne biz bu kadar zorluk ve yokluk çektik. Bu kadar tecride göz yumduk, sence ben bu mücadelede yer almayayım da kim alsın?’ dedi. Ben de ona dedim, oğlum sen de haklısın. ‘Biz de bu kadar zulüm ve baskı gördük. Baban cezaevinde, sen açlık grevinde, yeter, ben de senin için alanlarda olmayayım da kim olsun’ dedim. Yetkililer artık anaların çığlığını duysun ve bir an önce adım atsın, yeter.”